Vote for Affordability!

Why are housing and transportation unaffordable? Because many public policies favor costly housing and transportation over more affordable alternatives. Why are these policies in place? Because citizens who are younger, have lower incomes, and rent, and so favor affordability and inclusivity, vote at much lower rates than their older, wealthier, home-owning neighbors who tend to favor more expensive and exclusive housing and transportation. Votes influence policy. Increasing voting rates by young and low-income voting rates is essential for supporting pro-affordability policies.

Canadian Voting Rates

Canada voting rates chart

Elections Canada (2012), Estimation of Voter Turnout by Age Group and Gender at the 2011 Federal General Election

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US voting rates chart
Voting Rates in the US Presidential Election 2012 


Vote for Affordability!

By voting and encouraging elected officials to support lower-cost housing and transportation options, young and lower-income citizens can increase affordability.

How to Vote

Voting Rules

Most citizens who will be 18 or older on election day may vote. You can register beforehand Online, at an Elections Canada office, or at your polling place on voting day. For more information contact Elections Canada.