Multimodal Planning Can Reduce Car Dependency

Can New Investments Put a Dent in Canadian’s Car Dependence?

By Tamara Krawchenko (UBC) and Nicholas Scott (SFU)

This article published in Policy Options provides a strategic vision for creating more multimodal, and therefore more affordable, healthy and sustainable, transportation systems. It highlights the good work done in the Victoria region.

Professor Krawchenko explains, “I moved here over a year ago from Paris, where biking was a huge part of my family’s life. We weren’t willing to give that up. As a family of four with two young kids we have been thrilled to discover that we can live here car-free thanks to investments in a growing bike network. This network is the product of political vison, advocacy, regional planning and dedicated infrastructure funds; it’s leading to a culture shift. Cycling in Victoria isn’t just for the urban core – the network stretches far into the suburbs and peri-urban areas. The cycling paths in Saanich, View Royal and Esquimalt are just as busy as Victoria’s. Moreover, much of the early opposition has dissipated as the cycling network has proven to be good for business and tourism alongside health and wellbeing.”

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